Welcome to Naomi Anais!

At the start of the year I went through a pretty bad break up with my long time partner which resulted in me being almost homeless. Sometimes the unexpected happens and unfortunately a big part of your life can be taken away in a matter of moments. It can be hard to spring back from, it is as if life hits us hard and we get knocked back a couple of years.

Fortunately my situation has since improved and although I feel like my life has had a couple of years shaved off I am dedicated to gaining them back. I am dedicating this blog to happiness, positivity, love and belief. Belief that no matter what life throws at us we have the opportunities to dust ourselves off, get up out of the dirt and walk forward in life. Not always in the right direction, learning to take new routes, discover new terrain and test the waters for it us who decides our happiness and where we belong in life.

Please join me on this journey called life, the journey of a single, chubby, introverted ex-fashion student looking to reinvent herself, writing about fashion, DIY, beauty, food and everything in between.

Thank you for reading,

Naomi Anais